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Most standard clutches come from a warehouse in a box. If you have any problems and try to call the manufacturer, the best you can hope for is an employee who may only be familiar with the stock number on the part you ordered. This can be very frustrating to a customer who needs to get his clutch installed and working properly fast.

Additionally, when you receive a custom clutch, how do you know it will work to your specification?

Advanced Clutches takes all this into consideration. When you purchase a custom clutch unit from us, you can be sure it has been thoroughly tested and that when the time comes you will have access to the support you need!


Testing is key to the success of your new clutch

Anything new that we come up with gets installed and tested in Advanced Clutches test vehicle before it is used in the units we ship to our customers.

Detailed Information on your new clutch

Advanced Clutches understands your need to get the clutch in and working to your specifications quickly and easily. That is why every clutch rebuilt or built by Advanced Clutches is shipped with a detailed information sheet on how to install it and break it in properly.

Direct Support Line

When you call the Advanced Clutches support line, you will talk to the person who built your clutch, is knowledgeable, and is an experienced drag racer who understands your needs.

We’re here for you:

o        During the installation

o        At the race track

o        Or whenever you need us…

We stand behind all the products that we sell.

Call us with any support questions! (208) 880-6214.


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