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When you choose an Advanced Clutch product, you aren't just buying a product, you are gaining the expertise of a drag racer who has been in the industry for over 20 years and still going strong. Step up to the newest technology...Advanced Clutches.

Introducing the new design for all domestic and import flywheels:

Heat Shields:

Redesigned to allow higher carbon content for better heat absorption.

The custom Heat Shields are thicker and made out of a more aggressive material than the standard heat shields. This allows a drag racer to make more runs before it needs to be replaced or repaired.




Cinder-Iron Disc:

All the Advanced Clutches Cindered-Iron Discs are Rockwell tested to specification.




Custom Bell housing:

We machine the holes that are necessary to adjust the clutch. We have bell housings with the capability of having windows included.




Transmission Dowel Guides:

These are customized to simplify the installation of your transmission.




Bellhousing Alignment Tool Kit:

This tool kit will save you time by simplifying the process of aligning the bellhousings. You can now do it in only ONE step!





The custom Levers are designed to provide a quicker, smoother lockup for the counter-weight. This allows the motor to accelerate up and stay in the horse-power  range.



Customized Light-Weight Flywheels:

We can custom build lightweight flywheels for any motor combination.

Ready to step up to the latest technology in drag racing? Contact us to begin building the unit that is right for you!



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