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Advanced Clutches is proud to have provided customized clutches to some of today's most well-known stick-shift racers:
"I love the adjustability and how fast the clutch is."
Alan Lee
, SS/A National Record Holder
"This is the most consistent 60 ft clutch Iíve ever had."
Bob Sharp, A/S
"This clutch flat works."
Dickie Ogles, SS/B
"Iím very impressed with how fast the clutch is and how easy it is to work with."
Bob Gullet, G/S
"This is the best 60 ft Iíve ever had."
Rick Wessels, F/S
"This clutch is the fastest Iíve ever had.
Tim Bishop, B/FI Record Holder

Jason McCormack, B/S

Here are a few other racers who have stepped up to the Advanced Clutches Technology:


  • Jason McCormack, B/S

  • Bill Feist, B/S

  • John Hennessay, G/S

  • Tony Hernandez, H/I/J Stock Record Holder

  • Jeff Lee SS/H

  • John Pressing, CS, F/FI

  • Bob Wells, E/S

  • Jerry MacNeisch, E/S

  • Andrew Stone, B/S

  • Don Duke, B/S

  • Dave Mann, SS/E National Record Holder

  • Aris Asdorian, SS/C

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