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Buying the right product the first time saves your maintenance costs!

Welcome to Advanced Clutches, a site dedicated to drag racers and street racers who want the latest clutch technology.

Advanced Clutches will rebuild your existing clutch unit, or completely customize a new clutch unit for you based on your specific racing style.

Advanced Clutches can rebuild any clutch from any manufacturer.

Take a moment to check out how we use your racing style to customize clutches and their components to fit your needs.

Once you are ready to let us work for you, contact us so we can begin to create a clutch that can help you leave the starting line more consistently and accelerate through the gear changes better.  

  Dual 7 in. Assembly


Dual 7 in. Assembly on sale right now for $2595 for a undetermined time
  Dual 8 in. Assembly


Dual 8 in. Assembly on sale right now for $2595 for a undetermined time
  Single 10 in. Assembly


Single 10 in. Assembly on sale right now for $1895 or a undetermined time

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